Light Therapy

Light therapy sessions are available in the Sarasota, FL area.

My office is located at 2020 Rose Street, Sarasota.

$50 for a 25 minute session

$200 for a set of 5 sessions ($40 a session.)

EFT Sessions

EFT sessions are 60+ minutes.


Transformational Coaching

Light therapy ceremony, and walks in nature may be used in office sessions.

In office, FaceTime or Zoom sessions we will use EFT, meditation, and discussion. I recommend at least 4 sessions to learn to integrate the changes into your daily life. 3 month and 6 month pricing is available for more in depth exploration and discovery. I expect a commitment to the process of evolving from my clients. At times, change can be uncomfortable yet right on the other side of that unfamiliar terrain is freedom, more energy, and joy. What is offered here is transformation. And moving into a bright future with healthy relationships where your needs are met, and you feel connected to yourself, others, spirit, and the world.

Transformational coaching sessions are approximately 90 minutes.

1 session @ $135
12 sessions @ $130 = $1560
24 sessions @ $125 = $3000

Move into new possibilities. Open to new perspectives and internal states. Let coaching inspire you to be the greatest and most joyful expression of yourself.