Zazen Scalar Generators

The Calming Frequency

When you place a Zazen Scalar generator in a room, it creates a healing environment; a scalar field, that allows your body to feel like it can truly rest. It does so by changing the frequency of the environment to 7.83Hz. This frequency is congruent to our biology, therefore our bodies easily adapt and this works to correct any brain or body imbalances. However, the 7.83Hz is only beneficial to our bodies through a zero point electromagnetic field (scalar energy field). Zazen Scalar generators provide exactly this by using our researched and tested Mobius Coil. The scalar energy emitted from this gives out a zero-point energy of unlimited potential; this field neutralises chaotic incoming signals from the environment, thereby allowing our cells to utilise their own innate wisdom for self-healing.

300 Core Scalar Generator

Base: 506 x 349 (mm)
Top: 81 x 900 (mm)

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500 Core Scalar Generator

1090 x 100 x 1090 (mm)

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