Zazen Scalar
Energy Lounge

Scalar waves, suggested by some studies, increase the energy level of cells in the body to the ideal 70-90 millivolt range, optimal for good health. It is thought that dis-ease & aging occurs when the cellular energy is below this voltage level. Cancer cells have recorded 15-20 millivolts levels, it is thought that these cells can not exist in an environment with higher millivolts.

Zazen Scalar is thought to have the ability to restore wellness and balance, allowing chakras and energy meridians to match the biological equilibrium of nature.

Scalar frequencies have shown to initiate many positive responses in the body. Some benefits have been reported to reduce inflammation, detox radiation from the body, repair and protect DNA, lengthen telomeres, improve cognitive functioning, speed up tissue regeneration, accelerate wound healing, and alkalize the body, among many other benefits.

Chairs in Zazen Energy room

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