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Self Love

We as human beings are miracles. Our bodies support our health through vast networks and systems that function seamlessly together. Emotionally, our hearts open us to humanity, love, and connection which sustain and feed us. Our minds stimulate new thoughts which lead to exploration and discovery. Our spirit touches something bigger thanourselves and furthers compassion …

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Joy Cells

Our bodies make stress and non-stress hormones, chemicals, that profoundly affect us and our well-being.  Our intentions, mind’s focus, and lifestyle play an important part in what chemical cocktail we are creating that directly affects our health. Dr. Joe Dispenza takes this a step further and discusses epigenetics and how our DNA does not necessarily …

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Post traumatic stress to post traumatic growth

Reading an article by psychologists Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun, they wrote about post-traumatic stress and how we do not hear about post-traumatic growth.  This triggered such inspiration in me for that is the work I do as a Chrysalis Transformation coach. This term, post-traumatic growth, is the positive change that individuals experience after a …

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