a bunch of coral colored roses

Self Love

We as human beings are miracles.

Our bodies support our health through vast networks and systems that function seamlessly together. Emotionally, our hearts open us to humanity, love, and connection which sustain and feed us. Our minds stimulate new thoughts which lead to exploration and discovery. Our spirit touches something bigger than
ourselves and furthers compassion and joy.

How often do we appreciate the amazing and whole beings that we are? How often do we say to ourselves, “Thank you, I appreciate and love you” and “I will do what I can to assist and take care of you?” Our beings are worth loving, especially through the challenging times when we need it the most.

Self-love is the act of nurturing ourselves, tending to what we’ve been given. It is bringing awareness to our relationship with ourselves. We notice when we are repeating the same unhappy patterns over and over and focusing on what isn’t working or what we don’t want. We become aware when we are not being kind – to ourselves or others and notice what triggers us when we get defensive and upset. Through observation and honesty, we catch ourselves and can change it to reflect a more positive inner state. This awareness will change our lives!

The act of loving ourselves, powerfully sends the message to us that we are worthy of being loved. We are responsible for our choices and feelings; we get to choose our lives which are way more satisfying and fun than being affected by what is around us. We get to show up as the connected, resourceful beings that we are.

Our beautiful selves deserve to be tended to by us. Being taken care of can range from healing and releasing emotional traumas and fears through coaching, to climbing a mountain and basking in the view, wind, and light. Dancing in pajamas in the living room, enjoying a massage, and practicing meditation are all ways of loving ourselves. Having new adventures, stepping into the “unknown” and being spontaneous are life-giving favorites of mine.

Let’s treat ourselves the way we would treat a baby, gently, sweetly, and without judgment. It not only feels great but it is shared with those around us like a soft, encompassing light.