Live Blood Cell Analysis Dr. Nyree Abdool

Case Study 1
Patient is a 70 year old female with digestive problems, poor circulation
and severe insomnia.
Before: Rouleaux- stacked cells representing loss of mineral charge of
cells and dehydration.
20 minutes of exposure to Photon Energy
After: Cell are well formed and separated indicating that the cells have
been energized and recharged by the Alkywan photon energy.

Case Study 2
Patient is a 42 year old female who is peri menopausal and has been exposed high levels of EMF Radiation.
1: Eosinophils- present in Allergies and Parasitic Infections
2: Ovalocytes- Indicative of Hormonal Imbalances
3: Uric acid- Caused from the die-off of Pathogens
4: Phospholipid forms- Present with glucose imbalances and Candida
20 minutes of exposure to Photon Energy
1: Decreased Eosinophils
2: Cells are now round and a normal circular shape
3: Significant decrease in uric acid levels- this usually takes much longer periods of time to accomplish
4: Decreased number of phospholipid forms

Case study 3
Patient is a very active male with mild Hypertension and lack of sleep.
Very high levels of uric acid.
Uric acid is a waste product produced in the blood.
Caused by foods high in purines, digestive issues and die-off from pathogens.
High levels can cause kidney problems, joint pain and gout.
20 minutes of exposure to Photon Energy
Significant reduction of uric acid.
Cells are now more uniform and round.

Case study 4
Patient has a history of anemia, Autoimmune issues, Epstein Barr positive and chronic fatigue.
Eosinophils are present.
Cell walls are very thin and dim in appearance as well as irregularly shaped, indicating a loss of vitality, oxidative stress, chronic fatigue
and anemia. This makes the individual more susceptible to infections from pathogens.
Low cell volume. This is usually an indication of Anemia and weakened immunity.
After 20 minutes of exposure to Photon Energy
Decreased Eosinophils.
Cells have regained a vibrant charge, more well defined and full of life, resulting in more energy in the body.
The cell walls are thicker and have regained normal function.
There is an overall higher volume of cells.

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