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Bell’s Palsy and COVID-19. A connection?

CranioSacral Therapy provides relief.

Bell’s Palsy is an unexplained episode of facial muscle weakness or paralysis often with sudden onset and worsening over a short period of time. The facial nerve, also known as the 7th cranial nerve, known as the Trigeminal Nerve, is affected. Typically presents with a drooping face and cheek on one side of the head. Pain and discomfort are sometimes present with difficulty pronouncing words. Drinking and eating can also be affected.

Although this condition often resolves in several months, it can change one’s quality of life during the recovery time.

Searching PubMed documents on case studies, research, and reports of a possible connection between Bell’s Palsy resulting from a complication of the COVID-19 infection or from the vaccine showed it to be a probable complicating factor. Most documents recommend that “further research should be conducted to clarify the association, correlation, or causality”. However, several articles did indicate that exposure to the virus and/or the vaccine with a history of Bell’s Palsy showed a significantly higher percent of Bell’s Palsy symptoms returning.

One of my clients went to a doctor for a diagnosis wanting to make sure it was not a stroke. The doctor prescribed steroids. She said, “They were terrible and made me feel sick to my stomach, felt nervous and jittery, as my whole body felt under attack.” She stopped the drug right away and found an article that related Bell’s Palsy and CST treatments that helped.

DentaGama Our first session of CranioSacral Therapy combined with Therapeutic Lights resulted in a significant improvement in her physical and psychological outlook, as to her report. After two weeks of treatment, her condition was almost completely relieved.

Should you or anyone you know have or get Bell’s Palsy you now know that there is help using a non-invasive approach that is effective with rapid and safe results.