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Joy Cells

Our bodies make stress and non-stress hormones, chemicals, that profoundly affect us and our well-being.  Our intentions, mind’s focus, and lifestyle play an important part in what chemical cocktail we are creating that directly affects our health.

Dr. Joe Dispenza takes this a step further and discusses epigenetics and how our DNA does not necessarily predict our health and what manifests. We can turn on or off genes according to lifestyle, focus, and intention. Turning these genes on and off effectively changes the chemical makeup of the cocktail. He elaborates on how people are addicted to stress in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.  Adrenaline, cortisol, and other hormones that are produced by our bodies give the body a rush of energy to which people become addicted.  When I was younger and a single mother, others called me a drama queen. My life was stressful, and I seemed to always be in the center of the intensity of drama/trauma where I experienced the power of this chemical and hormone cocktail.

I have learned through years of daily meditation and breathwork to tame the drama and have come to a place of activating what I call the joy cells.  Joy cells have the power to turn on and off our DNA expression, halt disease and turn on vitality and wholeness which is our natural state.  Now with joy cells activated, we connect with a life purpose bigger than us.  It is then that we feel so whole and complete that our happiness is generated from within instead of from our outer environment.  We then become free and abundant, our joy cells dancing incoherence. This energy has the power to transform our lives.

Because we are energetic beings and made up of energy, we emit frequencies. These frequencies can be dense and thick when we are feeling angry, sad, guilty, or ashamed. And the frequencies become lighter and more coherent when we are feeling awesome, connected, passionate, loving, and healthy. Knowing that like attracts like, we have the key to creating high-vibe and happy lives.

As I began to change my life and become conscious of my thoughts, I would alter my story I told the world, to a more positive and evolving one. I gave up the “poor me” story to one of all the lessons I was learning. I began to do light therapy daily, eat organically, listen to others deeply, affirm my beautiful place in the world, take classes, read books, and appreciate nature. This change in lifestyle and behavior has ignited the spirit of joy within me. And with every change, my frequencies got brighter, and my joy cells danced in celebration.

I truly can’t say enough about joy cells! They keep us healthy, vitally alive, and interested in a connected coherent beautiful world.