Vivie Vlinder Bishop

The Mission of Opt For Light, LLC

Opt For Light is committed to transformation of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. For as we transform, so does everything around us and all we touch. We then convey what is possible, and inspire others to do the same. As we are all connected, we add our integrated energies to the magnificence of life around us. We each matter, we each have a unique expression to add to the world we live in.

There are several aspects of light used and explored during a session. Light therapy to restore the body and mind; the light of releasing unwanted patterns in the body, mind, and spirit through EFT tapping and; life coaching to bring in more light to our lives and those around us.

Light is life. We are composed of light. We light up when we are happy or inspired, we feel relaxed and nurtured bathing in sunlight. Light is our source.  

A Life Long Passion For Healing

Vivie Bishop has been involved in the healing arts and cutting edge technologies most of her life. She was a massage therapist for 21 years, and started doing Reiki in the 1980s. Vivie facilitated women’s groups, massage, life coaching, light therapy, EFT, and energy work in Sedona, AZ, for 25 years. Now in Sarasota, where she couldn’t be happier, she has an office where she gives coaching, EFT, and light therapy sessions. Vivie also gives EFT and coaching sessions through FaceTime and Zoom.

Vivie has a life coaching certificate through Strategic Intervention, an in-depth program created by Cloe Mandes and Tony Robbins. She is certified in EFT by Lori Leydon through Nick Ortner’s foundation. And she has certificates in Reiki and light therapy.

Vivie has done numerous meditation events with Dr. Joe Dispenza and brings the quantum view of healing to her work.

Transformation As A Driving Force

Transformation is Vivie’s driving force. And the urge to assist people to get beyond what was modeled for them, limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and emotions which are destructive to a healthy, radiant life. She has tapped hundreds of hours on herself and others and loves the effectiveness of this process. She combines EFT with life coaching and uses light therapy for PTSD and anxiety and stress.

Meditative Foundations

For many years, she has meditated daily with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations and she has been to events of his all over the world. Dr. Joe is a chiropractor and neuroscientist who has opened up Vivie’s understanding of life in the quantum model and she brings that into her coaching in creating new neuro-pathways and new ways of thinking to move into greater, more expanded lives.

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