A Solution to Negate Radiation in Your Body and Give Yourself a Welcome Break!

The principle of ZAZEN SCALAR is to protect, balance, and rejuvenate the brain and body, optimizing all its functions regardless of any unnatural disturbances in the environment.

ZAZEN SCALAR is a device that generates a technology which creates a scalar field (zero-point energy) that can help counteract and remove the negative effect of electromagnetic (EMF) pollution. This creates regenerative and energy balancing effects.

WHO (The World Health Organization) reports that harmful EMFs can change the naturally occurring frequencies in our bodies to injurious frequencies causing unhealthy tissue and disease.

This stress is active 24/7, preventing our bodies from the repair and regeneration which takes place when our bodies are relaxed in parasympathetic response. Our main source
of EMF comes from electronic devices and systems, such as 5G, cellphones, microwave, etc.

Basking in the Zazen Scalar Lounge allows the body a welcome break from stress (the sympathetic nervous system response of fight or flight) into balance and alignment. The body can now tap into its innate intelligence to heal. This technology empowers the body to do what it knows how to do and move into wholeness and health.