Reading an article by psychologists Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun, they talked about post traumatic stress and how we do not hear about post traumatic growth.  This triggered such inspiration in me for that is the work I do as a Life Coach. This term, post traumatic growth, is the positive change that individuals experience after a traumatic event.  It reflects the positive changes one experiences in understanding oneself without denying the the deep distress of the trauma. It is a term that resonates with for the clients I work with experience this growth.
Within every challenge is opportunity, turning the victim into the victor. It is experience of expanding and growth into a-new into re-new.
As I sit out on the back deck from my condo overlooking the bayou, it is filled with life; Manatees, mullet jumping into the air, and cardinals singing passionately.  As I watch a vulture circle round and round upwards, I feel that this represents the path of human kind, moving and ever expanding into greater realms.
Every time we meditate, catch our harsh words and change them in the moment or the next time, are generous in spirit with those around us, we add to the spirit of consciousness and to the evolution of our species.  We are powerful and can change our emotions and personalities to become greater versions of ourselves.  This ripples out to affect all those around us and activates our joy cells and the joy cells of others.

And…there is nothing like activated joy cells.  (more about those later…)

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